music & sound for animated & interactive media


Liz Rainsberry is a London-based composer, musician, sound artist, and audio designer, currently undertaking an MMus degree in Sonic Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London, and working on various independent video games, including Humble Grove's upcoming release, 29, and, subsequently, their series, No Longer Home.

Initially developing her skills as a guitarist, Liz now predominantly focuses on music and sounds for animated and interactive works. She additionally works across a variety of genres and mediums, such as film, jazz, applied music, progressive rock, fusion, and music for interdisciplinary arts, including choreography, dance, and theatre.

Over the past few years, Liz’s works have been performed by artists such as Byron Wallen and the Delta Saxophone Quartet, whilst her works for visual media have been showcased at events such as the BFI Future Film Festival, PAX Prime, EGX Rezzed, and GameCity Festival. Liz has also collaborated with a variety of animators who have studied at schools including but not limited to RMIT University, SVA, Animation Vieux Montreal, and CalArts.

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Photos by Ray Roberts and illustrations by Marianne Lauzon.

Photos by Ray Roberts and illustrations by Marianne Lauzon.

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No Longer Home              Score & Sound Design      Humble Grove                   Ongoing

Outreach                          Sound Design                    Pixel Spill Games               2017

Sure Footing                     Score & Sound Design      Table Flip Games               2017

Hashtag Dungeon             Score                                 Hitpoint Games                 June 2016

Retool                              Score                                 Hit-90 Games                    May 2016


Ghost Story                      Score & Sound Design    David Davis                        April 2017

Ghost Squad                    Sound Design                  Kieran Sugrue                    Oct 2016

Paurelie                            Score                               Nika Lemut                        Sept 2016           

Pigeon*                            Score & Sound Design     Yvanie Therrien                 May 2016

Osun                                Score & Sound Design     Amber Lee                         May 2016

One Step Forward            Score                               Haley Rose                        April 2016

PULS                                Score & Sound Design     Sherryl Burgard                 Nov 2015

Shifted*                           Score                               Casey Andrijasevich          Nov 2015

Glitter Warriors               Score & Sound Design     Katie Elle                            Nov 2014

*Some work available on request due to festival submission conditions.

Geist Metro                   Contributing Guitar to a piece composed by                April 2017

                                      Paws Menu, for The Pokisfiori Museum Installation

The Recollected Body   Live Sound Art, Sound Editing and Mixing for a            March 2017

                                     body, sound and light installation at Trinity Laban,

                                     created by choreographer Izzie Capper

                                     Performed by Bakani Pickup

A Subconscious Stream  Generative Composition using Max MSP, OSC               January 2017

                                      (Processing), and Twitter API

I.C.E. III                          Collaborative Piece for Performance                           December 2016

                                      Audio recording and manipulation by Liz Rainsberry

                                      Spoken word written by Emily Gregory

                                      Choreography by Jasper Llewellyn

                                      Performed by Liz Rainsberry, Renata Novaes,

                                      Emily Gregory, Ziyi Li, Jasper Llewellyn, Mike Brooks,

                                      and Chi-you Ding

Start From The Slate      Solo Trumpet Piece with Live Electronics                    March 2015

                                      Performed by Adam Saunders

                                      Live electronics implemented by Liz Rainsberry

Articulating Forms         Electronic Music for Dance                                          Feb 2015

                                      Performed by Isobel Bloomfield & Claudia Tonietto

A Test in Mettle             Contemporary Solo Piano Piece                                   Dec 2014

                                      Performed by Ed Rice

compositions; installations; performances


live action

The Expectation Trap       Score                                Elliot Gough                      June 2016

My New Watch                 Score                                Elliot Gough                      April 2016

Finn                                 Score                                 Matt Ley                           Nov 2015

Hedgehog & I                  Score                                Ray Roberts                       May 2015

This list reflects the work completed and in progress; both as of recent, and over the last few years. 

For much earlier works, there is a playlist on YouTube, or you can get in contact for a further list of credits.